my last day on the job, kinda

Well it looks like today is the last day I will be working in the Capitol doing IT stuff for the Legislature. Well kinda. I am being contracted out tot he state IT department for six months which hopefully will end with me becoming part of their department.

Why am I sad? Well this has been a dream job. I was very lucky to get a job here and I have learned soooooo much. Plus I knew people who worked here for many years before I started, in fact that is how I got the job. So I will definitely miss my coworkers and the positive atmosphere.

I will be working in the Division of communications just an underground tunnel away from them though. And well we will be dealing with each other often. So I am not too far out of the loop. I would of been completely happy staying where I am, but when you get an opportunity, well you should not pass it up.

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