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the joys of a new job

So Monday night after my first day I go for a bike ride with friends and Fuggles, she did 10 miles. I enjoy a few brews, 3-4 over the course of the whole evening, hardly a buzz (over 5 hours). Yet Tues morning I feel hungover. I now know what it was. I had to mess with windows all fricking day at my new job. It just drained me working with the craptacular OS. I hate to be a snob, but it is just so frustrating dealing with something so inferior when you have to administer a network. Putty, winscp, all the rebooting, ugh……

I got a crappy workstation that had XP installed on it to use. I worked with the guys, got used to their domain setup, got my computer all in order, it sucked. First off I had to use windows on a crappy PC. It just sucked all the joy out of the whole new job thing. Yes working at the state IT dept I will be in windows often. But using it as my desktop just killed me. I can deal with windows in a VM as long as I am actually using linux as my desktop.

So I go home, download the newest beta ubuntu linux, feisty fawn, and load it up at work today. I get my XP virtual machine going but the PC I am working on only has 512 of ram and it is hurting. The guys I work with feel my pain and hook me up with an awesome machine (they suggested it, I did not bitch a bit). A pentium 4 dual core 3.2 ghz dual monitor 2GB of RAM badass. I went into work this eve for a few hours just to get it all kicking. The thing is rocking with beryl and my XP VM has a gig of ram for itself. I like new job 😉 Can’t wait to go in tomorrow.

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