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all my jobs 7.2 bunch of there lame jobs at Crane River

Well lets see. I did a bunch of crap there. Gonna save the cool one for the next post though.

– Expediter – Work the expo or basically the person who takes the food from the cooks and trays it up for the servers. booring and kinda stressful, but not too bad.

– Manager (kinda)- I would do some late shifts and some early ones when other “real” managers were not around.

– Bartender – Well mostly a daytime bartender. So I filled soda and maybe a few drinks. basically I was the front of the house. A glorified host and cashier for breaking bills and ringing up employee food. it was lame and booooooring. night time was different though. it could get busy and many folks liked to sit at the bar and eat / drink. Specially if the place was full and they could not get a table and of course the employee lounge was quite a money maker. Then there was football saturdays.

Oh man let me tell you a bit about those.

So one of the most important things about being a brewpub was to get people to know your beers. Well on game days we switched the names of the beers to silly things like goal post wheat, black shirt altiber, stadium stout, go big pivo, skybox pale, scarlet and cream bitter, herbies cool brew, and cornhusker ale. It was insane. not only does it kill brand recognition, but it added a layer of complexity to a hectic day and just caused confusion.

Now we are talking husker fans right? Not the most diverse crowd 😉 they all wanted bud lights. Well we carried one american light lager, miller light. Anyways we would get pounded with the dumbest questions, well dumb to us.
– Which one is the lightest? all of our beers weigh the same sir 😉
– which one tastes like bud light? I can get you a glass of water 😉
– do you have any domestics? point to brewery, it does not get much more domestic than that 😉

The bar was not set up very well. Hopefully you have seen it, Msity’s modified it a bit, but it is the same. it is awkwardly shaped, right in the middle of it were two islands, it was in the middle of the restaurant bar area (not against the walll which is sooooooooo crucial for a efficient bar), and rather cramped for more than two people to move around. now for a game day lets crap 4 people in there crashing into each other. Nightmare.

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