wilderness repair weekend wore me out


Rosina and Karl asked for some help and a whole bunch of folk showed up Sat morning and we formed two crews. One headed south and the other north from Old Cheney parking lot. I was on chainsaw duty and cut out 5-6 fallen trees that blocked the path. Erosion made a few parts dangerous and some folk flagged alternative routes for the game and parks to approve so we can make new sections. We hit biker, hiker, and horse trails.

The pic above is an area we repaired last year, which did not fare too well. There were tadpoles swimming in the pools. Sunday I hit the same spot and did some whacking of the 5 foot tall nettles that had choked parts of the trail. It seems some folks just do not understand that you destroy the trail if you ride on it wet. Huge ruts were all over. Since it has been so wet the trails are growing over with vegetation. It is going to be a lot of work to get it nice again.

Poison ivy, poison oak, and nettles have flourished insanely out there. We wore pants, long sleeves, eye protection, and lots of bug spray. it was really warm and hard work, but will be worth it when we finally get back in there for a ride.

Big thanks to all that came out to assist.

got some major tree issues out at wilderness

Rosina sent out a call for help to make wilderness ridable again.

Hi folks,

We are needing some serious help here in Lincoln at Wilderness Park.
Sat or Sun 9-noon will really help this coming weekend June 31 or July 1.
Long pants are a must, due to the nettles and then there are the

Mother Nature took a dump, the creek washed a lot of dead wood into
the trail and then there are the blow downs. Karl and I have been
working every weekend for the last month and just aren’t making
a dent. If a crew could come together that will make an impact.

When I know how many are able to help, I can assign an area.

Hand Tools and a chain saw are helpful.

Kit called this past weekend wanting to borrow my chainsaw and trimmer. Loaded up the truck and headed over for a yard work session. Kit ran and bought me a new chain which made the cutting a bit easier. Cutting trees is a blast. I will be out in wilderness this weekend for sure.

I would pour out some of my 40, but that would just add to the flooding in wilderness park

So bummed to see this. Shawn Doné sent me this vid he made of the storm and the state of wilderness park. I know wilderness park is supposed to flood when the salt creek gets too high, but this is very sad to see.

the storm from Shawn Doné on Vimeo.

Thanks for the vid Shawn. Hope to see you on the trail if it ever dries.

Check out his amazing lightning photos here

EDIT: Karl checked out the trail and provided an update.

I went back in there last weekend to check on a few spots, and
clear blow-down. It was very wet, flooded in spots, and not in
any way rideable. As it goes with floods, some places are
eroded, other places have had silt and sand deposited. I
saw some places that had gained 6 inches of silt, and that helps
fill in the “cupping” we get in the tread.

The first repair you folks did, the “dam” held up very well!
I seeded it with blue and side-oat gramma, and the roots kept
the soil on top.

The second repair, under the bridge did well. there was some
erosion, but not much. the only real problem is that the north
side ditch filled in with silt. On the bonus side, there is a
large deposit of white sand on the bank or the creek that cam be
moved into the trail.

The third, where we just placed rock over the fabric… well
we didn’t put soil on that because we didn’t quite have a
handle on where the water was going to go. Now we know. Lots
and lots of water comes right down the trail, over the berm
in the corner and down to the “dam”. The water moved quite
a bit of the rock around, and the fabric is exposed in places.
It won’t be hard to fix, but something will have to be done
to keep it from happening again.

Post this if you want. The important message is:

(BTW, I found someone’s cell phone out there, contact me to reclaim it).


hit wilderness Sunday and Trek / Gary Fisher had a bike demo out there. I got 69’ed


What a beautiful day for a ride through the park Sunday was. Unfortunately I was hung over and tired as heck from geeking out on guitar hero till 4 AM. Kit and Brandon forced me to get out of bed and head out. The park was surprisingly dry and we made it to the 14th street parking lot where we saw the demo truck and rows of bikes. We signed the waivers and headed out on the trail.

I Started out on a hi-fi 29 inch dual suspension (blue below) and liked it. It is light and the rear really sucked up the bumps. That would of been the bike I would be rolling now if I had not decided to get my moots. Then I switched with Brandon and found myself on a 69’er. O that is a 29 inch front wheel and a 26 inch rear. There is reasoning behind that, but I think it is just a gimmick. The geometry is corrected so it felt pretty close to normal. Supposedly you can carve corners better, but I just was not all that impressed with it. We checked out some other bikes they had and talked with them for a hour or so. Nice guys who fed us and let us ride their bikes.

The guy pulled out his pearl white hardtail single speeded 69’r and it was set up really nice. The thing was beautiful. He says he loves it and I bet it would grow on me after a while. I am currently uber happy with my Moots and have two other bikes in the stable. Not looking for a new ride at all.

Felt really good to be back on the moots heading home. That trip through the park put the hurt on my all butt. I could feel it this morning on the ride in. I need to get back on top of my game.


Fuggles and I had fun in wilderness last night


That is one wore out puppy there. Jon T said the park was rideable so the Monkey crew headed out there for the tues ride. I showed up early and ran through a few miles with her. She was lucky enough to get to chase 4 deer two times. She took off out of my site and when she came back she was drooling like a garden hose. Not sure if she got a taste, but she apparently likes venison.

The park is about 90% there. No standing water, but some soft areas where you have to ride on the grass off the trail. Still it was good to see the guys again.

awesome repair out at wilderness


A morning dusting of snow did not keep the folks away. Hot chocolate, coffee, tools, and bundled up folks started loading my truck full of ballast and I backed down off the trail and dumped it under the Old Cheney bridge. Erosion had really messed the underpass up. Some folks dug new drainage while the others packed down the ballast. Took 4-5 truck loads to fill in the damage.