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awesome repair out at wilderness


A morning dusting of snow did not keep the folks away. Hot chocolate, coffee, tools, and bundled up folks started loading my truck full of ballast and I backed down off the trail and dumped it under the Old Cheney bridge. Erosion had really messed the underpass up. Some folks dug new drainage while the others packed down the ballast. Took 4-5 truck loads to fill in the damage.


Grabbed some black dirt from another site and filled in the damage my truck had caused the trail.


Headed to another location that needed some severe work. First we filled my truck with wood chips just to put on the soggy parts of the trail so mine and another guy’s truck could make it to where the repair was gonna happen. Karl and a couple other folks bailed out the standing water and super fine mud. It was messy. Landscaping fabric was laid down and 5 loads of fine gravel made a trail out of a mud pit.





and MG with the maiden voyage

All the pics here

A crew of 20 + folks pitched in for 4 hours to make the place safer and better. What was left of my muffler and catalytic converter dropped off the first time I got the truck down on the trail, but I did not mind. The city provided all the ballast, dirt, wood chips, and gravel. They also have budgeted for some major work out there this winter. We are talking bobcats and all that. I hear the very beginning of the trail under Pioneers bridge will get a good makeover. Also proper drainage and more filling in under Old Cheney that we worked on yesterday will be done. That was a temp fix that was severely needed. It was really dangerous.

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