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hit wilderness Sunday and Trek / Gary Fisher had a bike demo out there. I got 69’ed


What a beautiful day for a ride through the park Sunday was. Unfortunately I was hung over and tired as heck from geeking out on guitar hero till 4 AM. Kit and Brandon forced me to get out of bed and head out. The park was surprisingly dry and we made it to the 14th street parking lot where we saw the demo truck and rows of bikes. We signed the waivers and headed out on the trail.

I Started out on a hi-fi 29 inch dual suspension (blue below) and liked it. It is light and the rear really sucked up the bumps. That would of been the bike I would be rolling now if I had not decided to get my moots. Then I switched with Brandon and found myself on a 69’er. O that is a 29 inch front wheel and a 26 inch rear. There is reasoning behind that, but I think it is just a gimmick. The geometry is corrected so it felt pretty close to normal. Supposedly you can carve corners better, but I just was not all that impressed with it. We checked out some other bikes they had and talked with them for a hour or so. Nice guys who fed us and let us ride their bikes.

The guy pulled out his pearl white hardtail single speeded 69’r and it was set up really nice. The thing was beautiful. He says he loves it and I bet it would grow on me after a while. I am currently uber happy with my Moots and have two other bikes in the stable. Not looking for a new ride at all.

Felt really good to be back on the moots heading home. That trip through the park put the hurt on my all butt. I could feel it this morning on the ride in. I need to get back on top of my game.


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