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wilderness repair weekend wore me out


Rosina and Karl asked for some help and a whole bunch of folk showed up Sat morning and we formed two crews. One headed south and the other north from Old Cheney parking lot. I was on chainsaw duty and cut out 5-6 fallen trees that blocked the path. Erosion made a few parts dangerous and some folk flagged alternative routes for the game and parks to approve so we can make new sections. We hit biker, hiker, and horse trails.

The pic above is an area we repaired last year, which did not fare too well. There were tadpoles swimming in the pools. Sunday I hit the same spot and did some whacking of the 5 foot tall nettles that had choked parts of the trail. It seems some folks just do not understand that you destroy the trail if you ride on it wet. Huge ruts were all over. Since it has been so wet the trails are growing over with vegetation. It is going to be a lot of work to get it nice again.

Poison ivy, poison oak, and nettles have flourished insanely out there. We wore pants, long sleeves, eye protection, and lots of bug spray. it was really warm and hard work, but will be worth it when we finally get back in there for a ride.

Big thanks to all that came out to assist.

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