mmmmm…… fresh installs


My main PC at home is a hodge podge of pieces. I used a 74 GB 10K RPM drive for my OS’s for years. It was always a pain to split that small space between XP and Ubuntu. I would run out of room often. I went through a couple 2nd hard drives over the years. Lost a bunch of data from failures. I picked up a good 640 GB drive a few months back and made it a USB external for backups. Decided to make that one my primary OS drive. Things are going really good now. Ended up installing each 3 times on just the main PC and a few other times on laptops.

I wanted to use Jaunty Jackalope, the beta ubuntu, but I could not get sound to work as well ass other issues. Just a bit too beta for me, but it looks beautiful.


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