bawk hardy heron is cool bawk


Downloaded ubuntu Hardy alpha 6 for the laptop. It is pretty darn cool from what I have seen. Got wireless, compiz, the new gnome, and firefox 3 on it. Had a bit of an issue with scim messing with my language, but got rid of that. Took me a bit to get the xorg working well since I did not notice there is a new way to do it graphically. The nvidia settings GUI got my resolution correct which is a first. No hacking necessary.

I picked up everything with ease. This will be the next LTS distro so they are making it pretty cool.
Gotta love an OS that puts out a new version every 6 months. I am not ready to switch at work yet since I doubt vmware server is ready for Hardy yet. Still for my home PC it works great.

Impressed I am.

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