Nice little surprise showed up on the porch over lunch

Google shipped me a Cr-48 Chrome Notebook after I applied for the pilot program. The application asks a lot of questions and you can only choose one option, which made the choices hard. I will mostly use it home, so I picked that. But I will use it at work as well. I was very stoked to get it. I have drooled over my friends a few times. I am floored they accepted me. There are only a few thousand of these that have been shipped. I used my 140 letters to say I want to use it on the toilet and while blogging about working on pinball machines đŸ™‚

It has an Atom 1.66 ghz processor, 16 GB SSD drive, ear phone jack, single USB, and a webcam. The chromium OS is basically the chrome browser with a few more options. Everything you do you do online using google applications and chrome extensions. So no loading photoshop on it, I will use pixlr, etc..

A free notebook with 2 years of free 100mb a month 3G from verizon. There has to be a catch right? I cannot sell it, and I have to give google feedback every now and then. The chromium OS is very beta and folks have had some issues. I hear they update it pretty often though.


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