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dos baconos reviewos

Been practicing my Spanish. I will fit right in.

So helped a friend set up a wireless router and a home network. She gave me some garden maters and it worked out perfectly cuz we planned on having BLT’s for din din. Swung by Hy Vee to pick up some bacon. I saw many kinds I have not tried.


Hormel uncured was first up. I really do not know what about it is not cured. I guess they just smoked the pork belly after injecting it with salt water. BTW: that is bad. Was still smokey and shrunk up a bunch. It was really hard to seperate the pieces cuz it was thin and really loose.

The flavor was actually really good. Pretty much a regular bacon, bot not too intense. Seemed to not be too processed which made it stand out. It will make it to the next round.


Next up Hormel again with their black label maple bacon.

Firm pieces that were not too long. T asked what smells like maple syrup with a disgusted look on her face. The smell was nowhere near natural. It reminded me of the single bite of a McGriddle that has ever made it past my teeth.

I toughed it out and tried it. The fake maple flavor was not too intense until I used it on my sammich. It is horrible. Never ever again. I would rather eat facon, ready to serve bacon, turkey bacon, and even beggin strips before I would try this again.

I seriously thought it was maple smoked, not fake maple flavored. Bacon does not need flavoring you bastards. Bacon is flavor.


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