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uper duper Target, new bacon, and salad

So we both got paid on the same day and needed to get some supplies. Figured it would be cool to go to the new super uper duper Target. The place is massive, ginormous, and kinda sickening. We got a really good parking spot and I noticed that our pretty decent 95 Honda was the oldest car in the parking lot. Till T pointed out an old station wagon way down at the end. Sorry employee cars do not count.

Once inside you feel like you are entering a small country. We wandered around and got our normal stuff before heading to the food area. Nothing too special. In fact the selection was not impressive. That would be a common theme for our shopping adventure. Since Fuggles likes to eat the liner out of my shoes I wanted to pick up some cheapo inserts. They only had odor eater and the “are you gellin” stuff. On to the food area.

We started at the end in the dairy area. We had made it only 1/2 way down the isle when Theresa said “you wanna scrap getting food here and hit Super Saver?” No I was determined to have a super time. Wondering around we figured out what the Target brand was. It seemed that they would have one brand name and the Target equivalent for a particular product and that was it. Archer Farms and something else was everywhere. I have been going crazy over frozen juices lately and well the selection sucked.

What I did notice is that their deli area was completely filled with prepackaged meals. It was actually kind of cool. Lots of seasoned, stuffed, marinated, and full meals packaged up and easy to cook. Being the south side of Lincoln I am sure that will go over well. Talking on your bluetooth headset while doing a mail merge on your blackberry, loading the kids in the hummer to take them to soccer practice and ballet takes up a lot of my prescription induced family time. I simply cannot shuck and butter my own corn.

Picked up their brand of peppered bacon. Sadly the best bacon I could find.

the pepper was pretty thin, no thick crust to soak the goodness in. Oh and only on one fricking side? WTF? it was for show only.

So we were checking out and I gave the checkerouter an uber easy gimmie. “If you could use one word to describe this massive store and being an employee here what would it be?” She stared blankly ahead and pondered till I could not take it any more and blurted out “SUPER!!!!!!”. Sigh…. How the place can be so fricking big, it has to be a few furlongs long, and suck so bad boggled my mind.

So Gene mentioned on my flickr: “It’s sort of confusing to see you guys eating salad.”
Theresa had an idea for a BLT salad. I cooked up the bacon, some chicken, mixed some spring greens with lettuce, T added some carrot shreds, and she did not want any tomato, but I did. Got some rich dressing and a bit of cheese.

Bacon was meh, the dressing was really rich, I think the cheese was too much, the chicken ruled, and it was an awesome salad. We both agreed it was a bit too much, but delicious. I even took a pic of my empty plate while I was stealing the leavings from her plate.

FU@K Super Target right in the ear. Walmart kicks its fricking ass, that is sad.

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