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So a while back I think I titled a funny pix post with the story of how Thunky Lou had learned how to get out bi fold pantry doors open and gorged on cat food. I looked at the options that are sold to lock a bi fold door and they all seemed lame. Most of them are just a piece of plastic that goes over the top of the door and you slide it to the side when you want to open it. I though that was lame. Asked about it on the forum and did not get much feedback. I figured a slide lock would work and headed to the hardware store to ask them and find a good lock. Tried a couple diff locks and had no luck with them.

I was just standing in the kitchen one evening staring at the door. We had a heavy typewriter case set against it to keep it shut. Figured a piece of wood screwed to the floor would work, or maybe adjust the door so it sat lower, both to keep his arms from getting under the door to pull it open. I noticed it kinda snaps against the door frame and that holds it in place. Grabbed some sticky foam tape and left the backing on so now the door pushes into the foam and it holds it much more securely. Thunky does not have enough power to open it now and we do not have to fidget with a lock to grab some crisps. eeeeeee…….


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