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wii sports resort pretty cool

The above review is very honest and shows what you can do. We picked the game up last night and an extra motion plus. The extra motion plus was $20 so it was a bit of an investment to get the game and an extra motion plus. The games are fun and the motion plus is scary accurate. Some games are lame, but others are really cool.

* Archery is really neat, but they could of added more levels to make it even cooler. I would buy an archery game it is that cool.
* Frisbee golf is pretty cool. Even Theresa was playing it (don’t tell her it is still golf) The goal is a large three ringed circle and it shines up in the air like a spot light so you can be way over the target and still hit it. I got a hole in one last night.
* The bowling is pretty much the same, but it is more sensitive to spins. The 100 pin lane is really cool. You do not build up to the 100, it is 10 frames of 100.
* power cruising (jet ski) is fun too

The rest are meh to downright annoying. We will play it a bunch I bet and feel it is worth it because you get a motion plus with the game. So for a 30 dollar game it is worth it.

good guide with tips

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