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some more on making pet food


Theresa has been making treats for a long time. one two. As with the animal soup they are only an addition to regular food. Sure the stuff we make is full of nutrients, but bought food has nutrients worked in that might not be met by the ingredients from the homemade stuff.

If you plan to feed your animal only food you make you need to pick up supplements and mix them into your food. Also the formula Theresa follows is pretty specific. Animals differ in their nutritional needs. One book that goes into great detail has three weight classes and 4 recipes each. You are not supposed to try and size up a recipe cuz it throws off the nutritional balance. Food we make is 1/4 of their intake.

With the treats, a usual ingredient is the dry food to bulk them up. We mix in dry when they get soup in their bowls. I would think you could mix in dry stuff earlier to make it more palatable for finicky eaters.

Veg is cheap, meat and some of the ingredients used make it will be more expensive than what you would get out of dry food, but not too much. Bulk bins for grains and beans, cheap meat, left overs appropriate for the pets, it is not too much more of an expense when compared to the well being and actually happiness of our pets. Plus Theresa loves to cook for them. If all her baking was for just us we would be in trouble 😉

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