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I get to tour the legislative chamber restoration


If you did not know the Nebraska Legislative Chamber is undergoing much needed restoration as part of the main Capitol restoration project. I took a peek a week ago and was amazed at what I saw. from the foot or so I peered in. All of the desks are covered in plywood and scaffolding rises all the way up to the ceiling creating a floor for the folks to work. It really is a sight to behold. I so wanted to see more.

Then this week I got an email which said legislative employees can see the restoration firsthand. Just like they did with the sower restoration. A few times a week 10 people at a time can explore and learn about the restoration. I waited till I got permission to take pictures till I posted anything. It should be really cool. The clerk of the legislature told me it is really neat to see the gold inlays up close cuz you can see the craftsmanship. “they were not laser cut”. The legislative info office is doing a detailed photo documentation of it as well.

I feel really honored to work in such a beautiful building. Walking through the great hall never gets old. Working in IT I get to see some really cool places in that building. It is oooooooooooooooooooold and really cool.

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