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Le Quartier bakery

Le Quartier bakery makes some killer stuff. Located in Meridian Park 6900 “O” St., Suite 132. We purchase their stuff at Ideal. Usually the cheddar loaf, but at the farmers market in Omaha I picked up some pizza crust, a cheddar loaf, and their uber blue cheese loaf.

Oh man the blue cheese bread was so rich. I drizzled some olive oil on a plate and sprinkled some black pepper on it and started dipping the bread in there. It is amazing. And seems really dangerous. It tastes so rich. The smell and look of are a good warning.

The pizza crusts come highly reccomended from a friend so I got three. I headed to Vals to get some pizza sauce and we made up on sat night. T chopped up some of our basil and orregano we grow to add to her pepperoni half. I added cream cheese and olives to my half. Was delicious. Theresa was meh… So I will be enjoying some lightly topped pizza’s for lunch monday and tuesday.

The buzz around this bakery is well deserved. They are apparently doing pretty well and no doubt it is because of their excellent produts.

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