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Headed up to Omaha for some fun

Sat morning we headed up to Omaha and had a great time. First we hit the Joslyn cuz T wanted to see the New Orleans exhibit. I thought it was gonna be pictures of New Orleans from the flood, but it was just a bunch of stuff that was rescued from the museum down there. Not my thing, but she enjoyed it.

Hit the farmers market so I could get magical bacon from harvest valley foods. I picked up 4 packages. Told the guy I came down from Lincoln just to get it. He mentioned a guy in Lincoln who is looking for the best bacon. Said they are gonna link to the site, would be me (blush). Picked up some bread from Le Quartier bakery which is from Lincoln and sells stuff at the Omaha farmers market as well.

Strangely enough it just happened to be the Omaha arts festival. Back when I was the brewer for Crane River and Misty’s I would do 3 days of drunken beer slinging in the heat. Got to enjoy a few good Nebraska brews and take in the sights of art peeps slinging their stuff. Theresa got a nice bowl we will use a bunch.

I asked some random stranger how to find Dave and Busters, he was very helpful. Headed to the adult Showbiz and had some dinner and played some games. I kicked T’s butt on the racecar game and we got a bunch of useless crap for our $20 worth of games.

They had the biggest crane toy I had ever seen.

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