been giggly all morning and this comment did not help

professor talksalot posted this little gem on SCS.

from the LJS Your health: Stay hydrated and healthy

salty wrote on June 27, 2007 2:02 am:
” Sometimes color and odor is simply not enough. I have found that by tasting less of than a teaspoon of a loved ones urine, you can tell if they have kept themselves properly hydrated or not. If it tastes as salty as the chicken noodle soup at Village Inn, I generally advise them to drink more water. If it’s any less salty, I generally will let them know that they are drinking enough liquids to stay hydrated. DO NOT drink your own urine, it is very dangerous. It is a poison expelled by your own body. Why would you think of drinking your own urine? “

man I love that the LJS lets you comment on stories.

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