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stop talking to me fat parfait


“Eat me schteeeeev, eeeeeeat me, comon you know you really really wanna…….”

Just look at that sucka, all glisteny and bacony. The baconator might just get Wendy’s out of its current slump. I gonna give some props to Wendy’s for a few things. First they seem to use some good meat, and how it is cooked on a griddle so it gets that slight crust, mmmmmmmm……. And the things are square, which is cool. Then their fries are pretty fricking good as well, sometimes soggy, but always salty. Being able to substitute healthier sides is pretty awesome as well, even though I would never take them up on the offer. Last their bacon fricking rules. it seems to be made out of actual bacon, unlike the crap BK or McD’s uses. Jr Bacon cheseburgers are pretty nummy.

six fricking strips of delicious bacon.
They lose me with the mayo though. Still dam that thing looks good.
Having bacon currently taking control of my internal voices is better than that dam unicorn.

EDIT: pics of one in the wild with story.

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