I miss being a 2nd shift/bar/pizza delivery worker

As some of you might know I have one of those real job things now. 7:45 in the morning is always way too early. and midnight always comes way too soon. Yeah that sunlight thing is nice, but I am a night owl.

The good old days, a time when going to sleep was an option. I was spoiled, at the brewery I could go into work whenever I wanted. Being a bartender meant going to work after the sun went down. Sleep was a thing I did when I wanted, waking up also fit into that catagory.

Sure I have been forced to get up during many periods of my life, like school and the few day jobs I have had over the years. I have never been able to get used to it.

I guess I am all grown up now, and will get used to it in about ten years.

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