eeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… cabinets


They are beautiful. We were planning on going with unfinnished oak cabinets from Lowes or Menards and had the whole kitchen laid out. We decided to take the plans around and see what we could get in a finished set and stopped by Campbells kitchens to drop off our layout to get a quote and headed to Home Depot to look around. Bob from Campbells called and gave us a price we simply could not refuse. Custom these are not, but they look awesome and we are going to love them.

We went with the cheapest style they had which is a solid plantation wood door (actually rubber tree wood), in a deep maroon finish called Bordeaux. Even though we went cheap they are amazingly well made here in NE.

We start the install tonight and it should take most of the weekend. We have monday off and hope to have it done by then. Pizza, chicken, and burgers for a while might actually be fun.




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