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uppers installed and base unpacked and dry fitted



Man that was some awesome work tonight. My arms are burning. My friend Scott is an absolutely amazing carpenter. Lets just say if you need to adjust your level bring it over and use my cabinets. The detail and craftsmanship he does is almost annoying. We unscrewed some and shimmed, smacked, pushed a few seams that were off by 1/64 or 1/128 of an inch. I am not kidding.

The mess and what I found behind the stuff we tore out was awesome. There are a ton of pics and lots of splainin below.

Had to get the fridge into the pinball / computer room. The doors had to come off and get switched to the other side for when it goes back into the kitchen. Thunks was more than happy to help.


Thunks really wanted to help get the old cabinet base out. Was held to the wall with 2 8 inch lag bolts.


6 flathead screws held the countertop on. That was our entire countertop before. The new counter is going to so rock. I found some really old bills behind the base that were from 1972. I will scan them. A doctor bill was $28


These were my only cabinets. Yup just some shelving with doors. Saving this for the basement.


funky tile. There are at least 3 layers of plastic tile.


We started bringing in the upper cabinets and Theresa was getting them out of the box and pulling off the packing and staples. She helped so much. Thanks 🙂


very first cabinet in (one screw)


So Scott joined each cabinet to the others with 3 3 inch torx head deck screws. We basically made the whole area one piece before we screwed it to the wall. Shims, tweaking, every part of the joined piece is level in every way.

Finding studs was a huge pain because it it lathe and plaster. We had to explore till we found them.


That old coated cast iron sink was so heavy. Oh man. The cheap metal sink was not attached at all. Underneath it was so gross


So all that dusty stuff under there was a strange piece of engineering that leveled the sink base. The floor is sloped like crazy. We will have to shim a ton. The wall behind is basically destroyed. I will be cutting out all the bad stuff and replacing it with green board. A whole heck of a lot of plumbing work needs to go on too.


check out that wallpaper behind there. the house is over 100 years old.


So I was wondering about the wood floors under the tile. Well that is nothing that was supposta be seen. So a floating floor is a project down the road.


Check out these old combs that were under the sink. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…….


Scott is possibly headed out of town tonight and hopefully will be back sat. I can do it myself prob, but I have a bunch of wall repair and plumbing to get on. Long weekend ahead.

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