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Cindy Lange-Kubick reads BorK / SCS Sorry Cindy :(


I had heard about this Friday night and wanted to let Cindy know we are just a bunch of cottenninnyninnymuggins who are filled with snark, but she blogged about it. Uh oh.

Google Your Life Away

My coworker wrote a funny story today about the time people spend surfing the web looking up stuff and wasting time.

Micah mentioned that he googled himself. Maybe it’s a journalist thing.

I googled myself recently, too. I found a bunch of columns I’d written for the paper posted on other sites — which was nice. And then I found this which wasn’t so nice.

BOMB Cindy Lange-Kubick? Is that an acronym?

I told my sweet daughter about all the nastiness and she asked me if she should post nice things about her mommy. Or go beat them up. I told her thanks but no.

But now I know that there are people out there who think I’m: a) a crappy writer b) ugly and c) hate-worthy.

I guess there’s a lesson there in the perils of googling, especially ones own self.


Sorry things got a bit mean there. We like you CLK, you add a bit of brightness to the LJS.

I have sent an apology email to her. I am ashamed.

HUG Cindy Lange-Kubick

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