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Thunks is being potty trained


See how I used a pic of him drinking from the little toilet? That so cute. Actually it is because I am not going to even take a pic of my real toilet. It has been quite horrible actually.

Jake tried to get his kitties trained
(scroll down past the top chef post to see the progress)

We are trying a different approach. We are to the point where the litter box is on top of the toilet. We set KittyThunkle up with his own door, and took away his bedroom litter box, moved a litter box into the bathroom and started adding magazines. His litter box in the bedroom was really cool cuz it had a cover to keep him from flinging litter everywhere, and oh man does he love to throw litter. I got some woodchip flushable litter and started mixing it into his clumping litter. He did not like it too much, but still used the mix. The clumping stuff is bad in the bathroom, it sticks to everything, especially wet feet. Tonight is the first try with only wood chips so we will see how that goes.

We were near walmart and tried to find a bowl to put in the plop plop machine, but the two we got did not fit. Got home and realized a turkey heavy foil pan should work out well, so we will be moving to that in a few days. It has been a lot of work dealing with it all, but if we can get it to work, a few floating dooks will be nothing compared to dealing with a litter box.

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