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whats up with the site recently


Man it has been slow and buggy as heck cuz I switched to something my webhost is offering and I am mad I tried it. Working to resolve it though.

I splain it here on the forum.

So I go through dreamhost and they treat me really good. I have caused them some problems and they have worked with me.

For 4 years I have been on a shared hosting plan with many websites. Basically 20 + webhosting accounts all reside on one physical server and all share resources / services on those servers. Every now and then one of the services messes up and the server needs to be rebooted which effects all on that server. Or someone elses site gets pounded or corrupt and it would effect me.

Since BorK and the forum generate around 11,000 hits a day on pages that run scripts which can eat up a good amount of CPU cycles I have been warned a few times about my usage. Also I used to host some very popular linux packages which return dead links which hit my php 404 which really hurt the servers. Then a photo gallery program I ran got hacked. Basically i have so much stuff out there on my domain that I needed to control or get a better level of hosting plan.

Dreamhost offers private servers which is a virtual server that is very scalable and can be controlled by me and I am not affected (effected?) by others, nor can I affect others. They have been trying to get me to go that route for a while, but I did not want to pay extra per month and ignored their offers. Then Friday evening they said fine, we will give it to you at a special price for as long as you are with us. So I pulled the trigger.

So for $10 per month I get an ip address, my own virtual linux server which I can configure, run custom scripts, cron, etc but do not get root access. You can adjust how much memory the virtual server gets on your own, but when you raise the memory the price goes up. I started at the default 150mb which they say works for 99% of accounts. Well as you can see it does not cut it. I host about 6 full websites and some get a good bit of traffic and all run some sort of blogging software or forums which all tax the system pretty good. So when I noticed that my sites were slow as fuck I bumped the memory up to 300mb and that will cost me $25 extra a month. The sites are rocking fast now, but I was still doing pretty good before I went private server. Needless to say I am not happy about this situation and am going to work with them to try and get this sorted out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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