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Xp killed my fresh ubuntu

As the picture above shows, Linux is friendly with windows. I run XP virtual machines inside ubuntu rather than booting into windows. I dual boot and XP has a small partition for gaming purposes. Well Friday night I decided to wipe my whole system cuz it had Windows Vista and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on there. Vista was such a pile of crap. It ran so slow and was annoying as hell. Gusty Gibbon, the new release of ubuntu was out and I wanted to go with that. I wanted to get XP back on there so I could get the new HL2 loaded up on there.

Loaded up XP then Gusty via a alt install. For some reason it did not load the grub boot loader so I could only boot if the ubuntu CD was in there. Long story short I reinstalled again. Well getting ready for HL2 I got windows all updated and got steam loaded in there so it could install all my games. Booted back into ubuntu and I could not get networking working at all. It worked fine in XP so I knew it was something to do with the ubuntu install. Gusty is still beta, so I was pushing it anyway.

Looked around and found this.

As of 27 May 2007, in kernel, you may experience the issues with the r8169 driver if you dual boot Windows on some systems. Windows by defaults disables the NIC at Windows shutdown time in order to disable Wake-On-Lan, and this NIC will remain disabled until the next time Windows turns it on. The r8169 driver in the kernel does not know how to turn the NIC on from this disabled state; therefore, the device will not respond, even if the driver loads and reports that the device is up. To work around this problem, simply enable the feature “Wake-on-lan after shutdown.” You can set this options through Windows’ device manager.

Edit: Problem with dual-booting with Windows exist also in and kernel, so it is safe to assume that it will concern all 2.6 kernels until the kernel developers update the drivers for RTL8168 to the version that will be able to turn on the NIC from disabled state. (Corey)

Wow a windows update hosed my ubuntu. Now I guess it is the folks who wrote the 2.6 kernel, but that just blows. I am really looking forward to portal and the other stuff that comes with the orange box. And I am about 1/2 way through metroid. Looks like I will have enough gaming to make it to the new year.


This was the first time I have chosen compiz fusion as my window and composting manager. i had been sticking with beryl and only messed around with compiz fusion. CF has come a long way. First it handles my dual monitor setup correctly now. One large cube spans both screens and it is aware of the screen split when windows open. Second, it has so many more things and extras in there. I am just starting to play and explore them. Windows with its glossy window borders does not even come close. Not to mention it came default in Gusty.

It looks so awesome.

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