electronics high and lows

really digging the new laptop. Thing is really light and small. Got a clean vista partition on there and ubuntu rocking. Both are running really fast and good, cept for wireless in ubuntu. I will get it, but it is taking me a while. The broadcom wifi chip is not very linux friendly.

Got a pretty cool DVD player from woot. It is one of those that can play any type of disk or file and the description said it had a coax out on the back. That was a huge thing for me because of our setup at home. The kitchen TV mirrors whatever is on our living room TV via a coaxial cable that also goes into my PC. Well it was not that kind of coaxial šŸ™ It is basically a RCA port for audio. Oh well, with some tinkering I can prob get a switch box or something, but the DVD player is so much better than our old one.

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