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That took a full day of smoking, but it tastes so good.


In August of 08 I bought a smoker from a neighborhood guy who builds them. That first year I smoked a lot of stuff and on a meat smoking forum I saw someone mention pastrami. I had no clue is was just smoked corned beef. It changed my life 🙂

I picked up a couple packages of corned beef and soaked them in water overnight with a few changes of the water. That helps pull the salt out. Coated with crushed peppercorns and hickory smoked at 225 – 250 degrees for 8 – 10 hours till the internal hit 165 degrees. After it hits the temp I pull them and wrap in foil and cover with a big towel for a couple hours.

Some folks make fancy rubs with cumin and spices. I am perfectly fine with a crusty layer of peppercorns and smoke. I learned that you want a thin blue line of smoke, not billowing white clouds. I ate far more than I should of last night when it was ready. It was so juicy and the fat had dissolved so much. My mouth was burning when I went to bed.

I borrowed an electric slicer from one of Theresa’s coworkers a couple years back. It fell off a bench in my garage so I bought a new one for him and fixed the one he loaned me. It makes it so much easier.

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