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Johnny’s Salsa

I have yet to try it, but really want to check it out.

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The new one out in Fallbrook will be our new usual. It is actually closer to us than the others and easy to get to. Place is huge and fancy.


Darn good ribs for $6

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GNS Vapor North is now open.


It is their satellite store with a smaller selection, but really nice for folks on the north side. Picked up couple more VIVIs and a couple DCT mini tanks. So glad to see GNS doing so well. Stop in and get a starter kit. And thanks for not smoking 😉

GNS Vapor helped both of us kick tobacco and we are grateful to them for it.


They opened yesterday and are cash and check only till next week. They plan on building the store up more in the coming weeks.

Located in the Swing In shooping center just SW of 56th and Holdredge. I spent a large amount of my childhood in that area. A great location for them.

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Le Qronut!


A cronut is like a donut and croissant copulated. Le Quartier is now selling them at the farmers markets. We got the last one a bit after 10 at the south one on Sunday.

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Nicholas of foodpocalypse tipped me off to a new Lincoln based food blog called LNK EATS. Both of those blogs blow away my pretty much dead food blog. Just look at all the words they type 😉

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Oh man they make some delicious cookies. Sasquatch American Baked Goods is located in the little bank kiosk in the middle of the Meadow Lane parkinf lot. They are part of the GUP family and it seems the items are baked in the Honest Abe’s burgers and freedom spot. The place is tiny, with only room for about 2 people and the display case. No cash or check, just cards that are run off an ipad.

The Journal Star did a story on them

The oatmeal scotchie and girl scout caramel delight were amazing. We skipped dinner and just ate cookies. They are going to darn well I bet.

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Looking around for rocket stuff on craigslist I cam across a post by D.A.M. Motorsports in Waverly and went to check them out Saturday. The shop is packed full with many hobby items. Seems they mostly deal in RC stuff, but have a great selection of rocket stuff and models. Had my eye on a nice General Lee kit. I picked up some rocket stuff and some paint. They are fairly priced and I plan on bringing in my RC-10 nitro truck for a fixing soon.




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It’s closet cleaning day!!!! So we’re setting up the “garage sale” table. It consists of odds and ends that are used in the shop like different display items, a quilt rack, a couple of plants stands, some trays, etc. Priced to move!

Curio collective will be missed from their store, but they will still be at events and online.

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