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Big Vinny’s take and bake pizza is yummy


I am always willing to try a pizza I have not had before. Big Vinny’s opened a little bit ago and I have been interested in checking it out. I placed an order online for cheesesticks and a large pizza. They had a coupon right on the site for $1.50 a large and went with that. I requested the pepperoni on top without knowing if they do it that way or not. My total came to $13.50 with no tax since it is not cooked. I got a call from Vinny’s a couple minutes later to make sure that I had requested the pepperoni on top of the cheese.

The store was clean and simply decorated. The parent company of Big Vinny’s is Godfathers pizza. I inquired if it was pretty much just Godfathers take and bake and was informed that they are different products. Different sauce recipe, cheese blend, but some of the toppings were the same.

Baking was easy. The sticks were cheesy. The pizza was not too greasy. The sauce was flavorful and the crust was not too thick or too thin. The unbaked pizza looked like it had a decent amount of sauce and cheese. The cheese was borderline a bit much for me. I would consider it extra cheese without having to order extra cheese. Theresa said she would be willing to try it again, which says something.

Big Vinny’s (site gave me a security warning)
Big Vinny’s facebook


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