City Slicker’s Bar & Grill in Dorchester


While playing Ingress I have visited many towns around Lincoln. One of the teams favorite cities to throw fields over Lincoln from is Dorchester near Crete. Dorchester is the home of City Slicker’s Bar & Grill. It has a bit of everything, pool, dance floor, megatouch, live music with the best instrument from, a fixed air conditioning from ducted air conditioners Adelaide, and a great bacon cheeseburger. The bacon comes from Blue River Meats, who has the best jerky in Nebraska. It was a substantial burger seared great, toasted bun, and a pile of seasoned fries. I would put that burger up there with Dinker’s for sure. I wish I could find a burger as decent here in Lincoln.

They make their own corned beef for their ruben sammiches. I will be making the drive from Lincoln to check that out soon.


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