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SCS member getting his letter published dealing with the censorship. Is it because all golfers are gay?

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I am sure most of those who freaked out and commented on the story splainin why there was an article in Spanish think Saddam was involved with 9/11, that we found WMD’s, that they hate us for our freedom, and that gays are destroying our marriages. The article was printed in English and Spanish. On […]

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Link Christianity is only hope The Lincoln Journal Star Web site asked us to sound off on Karl Rove. We met Karl Rove when he was in Omaha, and he is a fine gentleman. Really, he is not guilty of anything except for being a big threat to liberals, which is why they hated him […]

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professor talksalot posted this little gem on SCS. from the LJS Your health: Stay hydrated and healthy salty wrote on June 27, 2007 2:02 am: ” Sometimes color and odor is simply not enough. I have found that by tasting less of than a teaspoon of a loved ones urine, you can tell if they […]

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darn midgets

So there have been some letters to the editor about the problem with the midge issue at capitol beach. Here and here The comments include a few that made me laugh. Jay wrote on June 14, 2007 8:30 am: ” I really take offense to everyone trying to “control” the midges in the area. They […]

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unicorns and WMD’s

So the letters to the editor are always a good read, but usually the comments are much better. So some loon wrote in and claims there are WMD’s in Iraq. A nice little comment made me lol ” Wayne, you forgot the possibility that Saddam hitched the WMDs up to his team of unicorns and […]

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article Letters, 2/26: Forgot about Linux Monday, Feb 26, 2007 – 12:02:04 am CST I was pleased to see a technical article in the Feb. 20 Journal Star, regarding the PC versus Mac commercials being shown on TV. But alas, PC (Windows XP and Vista) and Macintosh OS X are not the only operating systems […]

No tags think about it. your google home page filled with bitching content from our local paper. House on fire, Osborne running for Mayor, SWAT team attacking down your block, or a husker kills a person. how you gonna know? you gonna watch the news, or read about it the next day in the paper? Not […]

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