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Christianity is only hope

The Lincoln Journal Star Web site asked us to sound off on Karl Rove. We met Karl Rove when he was in Omaha, and he is a fine gentleman. Really, he is not guilty of anything except for being a big threat to liberals, which is why they hated him so much.

I disagree that Rove is guilty of “polarizing tactics.” In America, conservative means to support our Constitution while liberal means to change it, so who is guilty of polarization?

Have you noticed that liberals blame conservatives for the very things of which they are guilty? Such tactics shift the attention and blame from themselves. Have we been so misled not to recognize this? Jesus would say it’s the blind leading the blind.

Really, liberals today would define our founding fathers as extreme right-wing conservatives, because at least 50 signers of the Declaration of Independence were devoted Christians.

Fact is that some have chosen to take the side of liberalism with all of its anti-God and immoral stances. Another fact is that biblical Christianity is the only hope for this perverse and strife-torn world.

Oscar E. Blomstedt, Lincoln

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