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I love NE, but there are a few 29%’ers around here

I am sure most of those who freaked out and commented on the story splainin why there was an article in Spanish think Saddam was involved with 9/11, that we found WMD’s, that they hate us for our freedom, and that gays are destroying our marriages.

The article was printed in English and Spanish.

On Thursday, we learned from Lincoln police that a lack of accurate information about the killing of Maria del Rosario Moreno was leading to fear and confusion among some Spanish-speaking people in Lincoln. Some erroneously thought a killer was still at large, for example.

We considered printing a story about the case for our Spanish-language publication, Hispanos Unidos. But the next issue of that newspaper will not appear until next week, too late to do much good for people in need of immediate information.

I cannot speak or read Spanish, but I thought that was a great move by the LJS to provide news to those who needed it. I know shocking. Well for some reason the LJS printed some letters of 29%’rs probably just to get a little flame war going, but I hang my head in shame knowing that the right wing hate machine is still alive and kicking. Ya see hating the ghey just does not work any more. Brown is the new rainbow. Anti brown people is pretty much all the hate and fear mongers have to win over the rubes. I really wish the true republicans would take their party back.

letters to the editor

Americans speak English

I want to say first that I am all for equal treatment for everyone. I am also proud to be an American, and I am not happy about a Sept. 28 Lincoln Journal Star article being repeated in a foreign language. I don’t care what language.

If you want to live in America and be an American, learn the language. The language of America is English.

We are leaning over so far backward to please other nationalities that we are forgetting who we are. There have been calls to have the national anthem sung in Spanish.

It is required in some states that some teachers be bilingual and teach in both English and Spanish. I do not believe that if you go to Mexico they will do the same for you. You would have to buy an English newspaper and send your children to an English-speaking private school.

It is high time that we reclaim our country. We are Americans, and we speak English.

Marguerite H. Lehr, Lincoln

Not happy with Spanish

I don’t know if it was a mistake that could have possibly gotten through all the editors and page layout people, but on page 7B of the Sept. 28 Lincoln Journal Star, there was an entire article written in Spanish.

I do not appreciate paying for a paper that I can’t read … and if you wish to continue to publish articles in a language other than English, I will be discontinuing my subscription and wanting a refund for what I have already prepaid for the year.

I do not live in Mexico, Guatemala or any other Latino country; I live in the United States of America and did not sign up for a Spanish newspaper. I speak a foreign language (German), but I don’t want a newspaper written in German, either. … I paid for English, and I want an English-written paper.

Teresa A. Liesemeyer, Unadilla

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