Hollenbeck steaks rule

headed out to the Sun farmers market to pick up some steaks from Hollenbeck farms. Picked up a KC strip for T and a ribeye for me. They ruled. Was $25 for both and they were huge. neither of us made it through 1/2 of our steaks. We usually just slpit a T bone or something. Lunch is gonna rule.

It is nice to support a farmer with good prices for their quality meat. These are happy cows who are not filled with drugs and other crap. Plus packaged and froze. The amount of blood is quite strange the first time you cut the package open. i bet it was still twitching while freezing.

T’s grandparents own a farm and we got some sweet corn from them, it was nummy. Also picked up a loaf of the cheddar bread from Le Quartier at the market Sun morning as well.

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