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Old Cheney Sunday farmers market

Have heard about this one and decided to check it out. It is in the parking lot of the strip mall that has capitol patio and Mulligans (56th and hwy 2). Couple nice things about this one. There are trees which provide shade, pretty good selection, you can park pretty close, and good stuff.

The first table I stopped at was Hollenbeck Farms. They had some burgers in a nice serving dish cut up into little chunks and covered with the cheese the lady accross from them was selling. It was really good. I picked up a rump roast from the nice couple. Did not realize till I looked at the website that it was the folks who actually raise the cattle. I am betting that is gonna be one good roast.
Got 6 big ol ears of corn from another stand. Lots of corn sellers out there.

hollenbeck farms

Saw a sign for buffalo jerkey and picked up a package. Tried some and instantly went back to get another bag of it. It was that good. Picked up a single tomato for dinner tonight. There were a few fruit stands and I had a hankering for some peaches. Got 2 white peaches and 2 white nectarines. I bet they are gonna be pretty nummy.

I will be sure to go back soon. Saw nobody selling bacon though 🙁

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