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anyone need a google plus invite? UPDATE: it is working again


I am so anti facebook, and such a google whore. G+ addresses my main issue with FB, every time you post it is to everyone on FB. With G+ you create groups of friends with and can post to just them. If you have a friend who posts to FB 30 times a day with utter crap you can put them into a group you choose to look at instead of being in your normal view. It lets you customize what you want to see when you want to see it, a group with similar interests instead of spamming others.

You can follow like twitter, media upload is insane. I know they want me to use picasa, but I am a flickr guy. It still works great. It is sorta tumblr as well. I will see about linking to my stream. I just got in today and have been learning a ton.

If you have a google account you will be at home. Android, google TV, google docs, picasa, a blogspot site, and gmail all seamlessly exist. Even my google notebook is at home.

Privacy settings are decent. I have to use my real name because it is tied to my google account. On FB I have never used my real name. And given FB so little info, unlike google. Google knows everything about me.

I can now invite anyone. Comment and I will send an invite. Obviously it is for google users. it will not benefit folks who do not use gmail that much. WHY YOU NO GMAIL?

UPDATE: they pulled my ability to invite. Best chance is to hit and register. I should be able to invite soon I hope and will send it to you all once I see it works. Today was a heyday of invites.

UPDATE 2: I can invite again.

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