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Why not add another streaming device? (7th device active right now) Chromecast Audio
I have really been looking forward to this one though. Right now I depend on youtube playlists to play music in our main room. Since moving to FireTV devices I cannot use google music, which is my main music streaming.

If you want to be able to send audio via wifi to almost any speaker / system this is it. You cast to the Google Chromecast Audio that is connected to VIA 3.5mm audio / RCA / optical all through the same jack. It is powered by a micro USB. You cast to it to any device that has those connections.

It works just like a Chromecast, but is for audio only, so no youtube playlists. It works with most streaming audio apps out there. The sound and signal strength is better than any streaming device I have currently. Bluetooth works for most, but this is such a step above. If you have multiple ones in your house they can sync to share. Imagine every sound system working in unison.

tl;dr: plug puck into any speaker, and you can stream music from phone / computer / tablet = awesome. Bluetooth speakers, your grandmas receiver, your TV, headphones, etc…. $35


  1. Steve

    I don’t sell or own any Sonos gear. I don’t think they’re attractive and I’m not a huge fan of the sound. They remind me of the old Bose “Better Sound Through Marketing” speaker systems.

    Their selling point is that every device is perfectly synced. You can walk around the house and never miss or repeat a note.

    If you have 3 Chromecasts in different rooms even running off the same local Plex server, you will definitely hear Calculon’s “Nooooo!” at different times in each room.

    I was just wondering how well they’d be synced and if that was a selling point. If it’s even close to as good as Sonos’s tech for a tenth of the price, they’ll sell a metric ton (1.1 US tons) of ’em.

  2. Steve

    Looks like they just added sync to this guy. It’s too bad Google won’t let me use my Google Play credit from Opinion Rewards to order one.

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