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FreeKey System

A bit hard to see in the pic, but the FreeKey System keyring has a spring like layer that you can squeeze and slide rings on or off easily. It comes with 3 smaller rings and I bought 5 extra. The main ring is a bit wide for most keys and the smaller rings are […]

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Steam controller

The Steam Controller I got in on the first pre-order It is pretty darn cool. There are two trackpads that give a haptic rumble when you use them like your phone when you type. They are also buttons. The wings underneath on the battery cover are also buttons. COmes in handy so you do not […]

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Dog ate my phone


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Amazon FireTV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is just a more portable brother to the Amazon Fire TV. It is not as powerful hardware wise, but still rocks. We picked it up for vacation and it will reside in the Borkade after. Only one gig of memory for the system to use, but the same storage. No ethernet […]

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3M rube Goldberg machine

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TV Mirrortron V 2.0

$10 goodwill mirror on the TV mount connected by a piece of wood epoxied to it. Works darn good

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Expensive ceiling fans are amazing

Holy cow. Our main room ceiling fan was weak compared to the ones we have recently installed in other rooms so we went to get a good one. Hit home depot and found a one we did not think we were worthy of. Hit Menards to check out their selection and then went back and […]

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They make LED Edison bulbs

That is really really cool. They are equal to a 60 watt bulb and look amazing

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