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the Grip6 belt is amazing



Absolute game changer, the Grip6 belt / buckle
I have ZERO hips and I fought belts 5EVAR. I literally wanted to get implants in my hips to keep my jeans up. It is a constant struggle. I almost went suspenders. I am being so serious. I just can’t keep my pants up and it is a constant struggle, till now
I know a non hole based belt is nothing new, but this is the fricking bomb. I actually bought it off a FB add, which I hate, but it called to me. It is amazing. I <3 <3 <3 it and will never go back After a week of using the Grip6 I am completely satisfied. It locks on as tight as you need and has never slipped. It is so easy to use. I love it. My past belts would dig into my gut when I sat down and actually pull hairs out down there. I kept drilling holes in between the ones already there to get a good fit. This one I just pull it tight and it is so easy to adjust. The nylon strap is not super rigid and adjusts without having a memory like the leather ones did.

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