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So Cloe is pretty sick

She is 61 in dog years and she has some mass in her. it is pushing all her organs and stuff to one side.
We got an ultrasound done and her liver looks a little messed up as well. It might be her spleen, or a tumor, or something else. Whatever it is it is big, dense, and she is filled with fluid.

She is anemic, her red blood count is low at 24%. It should be around 34% and at 15% she will not function. This kinda points to it being her spleen. We can do exploritory surgery and they can remove the spleen if it is the problem. Thing is we do not know if she would survive the surgery cuz of her anemia. If it is a tumor or something else wrapped up in arteries and whatnot it would be too hard to remove.

She is currently on steroids to help her get that blood count up higher. We just really do not know what to do currently. It is not the money, it is the time we can still be with her.

She is doing much better today. Got that smile and pooped full of energy and we will just see.
Prob gonna go to the vet and ask a few more questions.

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