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my doggie is sick (possibly)

she has been a little frumpy every now and then. She just refuses to move, eat, poop or pee. Took her into the vet last week to try and figure it out. Well this morning it was pretty bad. Took her to the vet once again. They took some X-rays and it looks questionable. It […]

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I got about 1/2 an ounce after 4 tries. This vid would be the first attempt. Apparently stopping the pee flow is not painfull for dogs 😉 Click pic or here for best version good thing is the vet said it will prob be enough. same vid, below youtube. please digg this if you will.

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Our little cow Cloe went to the vet today cuz she has been acting strange off and on for a few weeks now. Figgured have the vet look under the hood. So far everything is good. Will get the blood work back by friday. But I have to collect a sample. This is gonna be […]

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