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so Cloe goes under the knife tues morning

not sure how much I told you before so here is a small recap:

X-ray: all her internals are squished to her right side.
ultrasound: there is some large mass, almost ribbon like that was blocking the ultrasound from penetrating it to figure out what it was. It goes the length of her abdomen. Her liver looked like it had pockets of fluid that would pulse. Indicating blockage or pockets of fluid. prob not tumors or cysts cuz they were fluid. lots of fluid built up in her abdomen.
Her red blood cell count was 24% when it should be 34% or higher. Basically she was anemic and her gums were pale.
that was all thursday. We put her on steroids to build her red blood count back up.

friday to currently, she is good as normal. Her color is back the fluid that made her plump has gone down. She does not seem bloated. Basically it seems she is just fine.

Thing is she still has some huge mass in her. She goes in tues morning for exploratory surgery. They gonna cut her open and see what is going on in there. It is pointing to it being her spleen that is messed up cuz her red blood cell count keeps fluctuating. They can remove it and she will be just fine. The bad things are if it is a tumor that is wrapped around important arteries or organs there is nothing they can do.

We figure we got another 3-5 years left in her life with us if they can get in there and fix her up. If there is nothing they can do we will still get some good time we hope. She is our little girl, super cuddle buddy, my first dog, and I picked her out, so we really do not want to loose her. Gonna cost a little bit, but it is completely worth it to us. If they need to send her to a specialist or something crazy pricey we will prob not do it, but the exploratory is a good step for us.

Not too worried. Whatever happens, happens. Thing is when Cloe dies, Theresa gets to pick the new dog, after Maggie I get to pick one. Theresa wants a smaller dog, and I do not like small dogs. Might actually have our first argument if she gets a stupid little dog.

Best part is that she seems healthy so she will most likely survive the surgery, and she will get one of them head cones so she does not chew on her stitches. Last time she had one of those it was so funny. She would catch it on walls and stuff and smack her head. See why I should not reproduce?

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