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Funhouse repair 01

^ snapped by Geekablous ^

I am working on this Funhouse. After doing some work on a very nice Addams Family pin at Nebraska Global for a private owner, I been able to get this one at home so I can work on it during off hours. The machine is mechanically functioning after some repairs, but needs a good cleaning and a few parts and adjustments to keep it in good working order for years to come.

When we met for the first time the machine did not boot up. I checked fuses and found a blown fuse. Popped a new one in there and the MPU booted. His jaw was toast and it needed some love. After bringing it home and finding some extra pinballs I gave it a basic clean. I gave it a good looking over. Disabled Rudy’s jaw and tested the machine.

It played for a minute or so and then the right flipper was sticking. It was not electrical, but mechanical. The coils had been sprayed with a lubercant at some point in their life and gummed up. Never lube a pinball machine. This was not due to the current owner, before him. I partially rebuilt the flippers by sanding down the mushroomed plungers and stops, replaced the coil sleeves, cleaned, and adjusted switches and the mechanics. One gave me trouble and I ended up having to drill a coil sleeve out and unwind the coil a bit to get it working again. It works fine but needs replacing which was my fault.

After the flippers were working I gave the machine some good testing. Issues arose and I worked on them and replaced rubbers and put in new balls. It plays really good.



I will clean the flipper bats when I rebuild the flippers. The old rubbers were dry and cracking. The bounce of the new rubbers is very noticeable.

^ his jaw is in the down position now ^

Rudy needed some love to work correctly. Rudy is the main toy of the machine and his eyes and mouth move. It is a simple robot head. His mouth plays an important role in the game. Not only does he flap his jaw to mock you during the game, but the key to getting multiball is shooting the ball into his mouth. He falls asleep because it is midnight at the park and … yadda yadda. it is a really cool game. He was not working.



I ordered the parts, which are hard to find, and decided it would be best to replace all the wear parts just in case. The 1st picture is the old gears and you can see the small gear is completely shredded. The 2nd picture is the new gears installed into the jaw assembly.


Rudy is back together again and working like a champ. Might need a bit of lipstick though.

I will be posting on every repair to this game over on my BorKade site. Prob post a few times here as well.

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