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Funhouse 16: Rudy lives and is about ready to go home UPDATE: not so it seems :(

^about 10 days ago all was working ^

I had to put Funhouse aside while getting ready for our 2nd appraisal. I would go down and try to fix the lower general illumination issue many times over those 3 weeks, and then just play a game with the borkade light on. Without the bottom illumination, you cannot see the ball that well, even with an overhead light. After following the guides I knew it had to be a short.

I replaced a bunch of backbox lights on the same circuit and the fuse popped so fast. I ended up going through over 15 5 amp fuses. The only main work I did underneath the playfield was on the flippers and ball trough, and it seems a slight twist of an inlane GI bulb let it hit the flipper bracket and short. The connection was so close that it would only short when bumped. FINALLY GOT IT 🙂

To see the methodology of fixing this issue click here and search for Blown GI Fuses

I cannot tell you how great it feels to finally have this thing ready to move to its owner. I have been able to play it, but treated it better than any of my own. I tore the whole thing down and made it work 98% I still have some darn flipper bat issues. Going full replace, on my dollar, to get it right. They have bulbs I can switch out when I get it back to them in a few days.

UPDATE: I posted the above 10 or so days ago and then hid it. It made me so happy and then the fuse fried an hour later. It sucked Big time. Before finding the short by the method above, I am going to replace the headers and connectors on the main GI connections and the J120 to see if that fixes it. I am tired of blowing fuses to test it and on this Thursday some circuit breakers will show up which will keep me from wasting fuses. I want to get this game out of my house so bad it makes me stressed and sorta sour on pinball. I am so sorry how long it has taken for me to get this done. Once it is out of the house I will be so relieved.

Below is Funhouse used by a pro. Actually he messes up a bunch, but shows how to play the game. It is such a great game to play. Simple, and really complex needing great shots to get control. I would so love to have one of these machines some day. I would never sell it.

FUNHOUSE from Kevin Martin on Vimeo.

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