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and so it is getting close to the end……

Some of ya regualrs have followed the process of my new ride on the forum here.
I am building my dream bike. No shortcuts, well some old parts being tranfered over, but in getting the best, I have spared no expense. Look at her, my little mootsie poo, will be close to this:

beerorkid moots mooto-x dream build

All titainium, the best components, light as hell, and built for anything.
Spent friday afternoon finalizing some of the details. Looks as though I will have to wait 20 more days until it will start the build. Waiting on a front fork, going with the 2007 series reba SL. It will be here in 20 days and get put together soon after that.

I cannot tell you how awesome this bike is going to be. Mostly titanium, jones bars, etc…. It will be worth more than both of my vehicles, it will provide me with transopt way more than them as well. To say that my biking hoby has gotten out of hand is an understatement, it has become my lifestyle. As always, when you see me I will be smiling, just a luittle bit wider here soon.

Major props to Monkey wrench cycles for building my dream bike. to see pics of the frame go here

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