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a vid showing athiests are people too. FYI

So why you puttin this up on your blog? As with most, I found this on another site and thought I would share.
well it is in no way to diss on those who believe, me swears.
I love what religious beliefs have done for society, I also mourn what it has done to society and our world.
I practice ubuntuisim You will find my beliefs at the bottom of every page.
I am not an atheist though. I really hope and bekieve there is a God, I just do not think God is what most followers of man made religions believe him to be. See this for more on that.\

So I was watching 30 days, and they had an atheist live with a Christian family for 30 days. it was really insightful, and frustrating at the same time.

This is horrible for me to include Pastor Steve here, but I just wanna let you know how much I respect him. As a young adult I had some real issues with my church/school that I attended. I talked with my parents and they being such decent people allowed me to go my own way on a spiritual journey, that I continue to this day. I chose to have a personal relationship with god, in the hopes that he exists, and approves of my ways.

It had been a really long time for me to be at an organized worship of any sorts. Last sunday in a glorious setting. Pastor Steve did a wonderfull job. It recharged my batteries, it made me forget of the fundamentalist fringe that is currently in our face about religion/politics. When he spoke I looked into the stories of the scripture as being wisdom of how to deal in life. When he spoke of God, it made me dig deeper into my own beliefs, it was a great experience. You can read my response to his worship here

No matter what you believe, I want you to know that I respect you, and want the best for you. We can all move forward and make this world a better place. ubuntu.

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