Ziggs Muffler and Exhaust

Zig is the man. I have been going to him for every car I have had. This is a no BS place. You dont get the lifetime crap you pay more for and never use, nor do you get the let me vaccum and clean your windows for $30 extra BS. Just good and quality exhaust work for a good price. I once went in there and he set me up for an appointment the next day. He was ordering the parts and bitch smacked the company. “I know you can give it to me for better than that” he said and continued to haggle untill I got a good price on my work. I have never had a single issue with any of his work. The vehicle will die before the muffler does.

Located just south of 27th and cornhusker 464-3505

Zigg's muffler and exhaust

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