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Optic Nerve Response PhotoMatic glasses

Fuggles got another pair of my fave bike glasses, Serfas Sike. I headed down to the monkey wrench to see if they had another set, unfortunately they did not have another pair. I have three full sets of lenses for the Sike’s and prob should of gotten another pair, but decided to try something new. I got some ones that were on sale.

I figured it would be pretty cool since they go back to clear after the sun is down which would mean I would not have to change the lenses out. After an agonizing week of waiting for the glasses to get shipped and rocking a horrible pair from the gas station they arrived. I busted them out in my truck and waited for the darkness to happen. And waited. OK so they cant get dark in a vehicle since automotive glass blocks the UV needed to make the glasses do their thing. No prob I will just hold them out the window to get darker. They got a bit darker and then the clouds blocked the sun. Late night at work followed and I did not get to get a good test.

Next day we headed out to wilderness for some trail work. They offered good eye protection and when I paid attention they darkened up a bit when they were hit with direct sunlight. Thing was I was wearing a hat and they were not getting hit directly so they were just slightly darkened through most of the day. Did some more research and found out this:

Because photochromic compounds fade back to their clear state by a thermal process, the higher the temperature, the less dark photochromic lenses will be. This thermal effect is called “temperature dependency” and prevents these devices from achieving true sunglass darkness in very hot weather. Conversely, photochromic lenses will get very dark in cold weather conditions, which makes them more suitable for snow skiers than beachgoers while outside.

Sigh…… Also part of having sunnies is to have your eyes hidden while checking out the ladies in summer attire without getting caught. These will not work for that at all. All those bummers aside, I really like them actually. They get just dark enough to make looking around pleasant. I do not like really dark sunnies, and when in the trees riding I really want to be able to see. On the ride into work today I was not blinded by the sun at all, it was really nice. They fit really well, provide good protection by wraping my eye area and fit closr to my face. The ear and nosr parts are made of really comfortable rubber and are really light. The open sides and bottoms do not block my view at all. I will prob pick up another set of Sike’s since I have 12 extra sets of lenses in multiple colors and these will prob get destroyed eventually like all mine do, but for now I am satisfied.

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